Work Projects

Work Projects – Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

Samatrix also prides themselves through working with all universities in the United Kingdom through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). A KTP is a three-way project between a graduate, an organisation and a university/research organisation/further education institutions (known as the ‘knowledge base’).

Samatrix welcomes students or graduates who have studied an Engineering related degree discipline.

The project will last approximately 10 weeks and will help successful applicants to enhance your career prospects by providing you with an opportunity to manage a challenging project central to a businesses strategic development and long term growth. Successful applicants will also benefit from:

  • Being able to launch your career from the right platform
  • Earn your value in the market place
  • Apply your degree to your job
  • Be mentored in your job
  • Gaining ownership of your project


Case Studies

  • What I did with Samatrix
  • How did it benefit me
  • Reference from Managing Director/supervisor on student and KTP in general