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What Pumping Systems do we Use?

Here at Samatrix, we can supply you and your company with any pump to suit your requirements.  From Wastewater Pumping Systems, Sewage Pumping Systems, Cleanwater Pumping Systems, and Booster Pumping systems Samatrix are proud to use the pumping equipment from the following pump providers. 

We supply pumps from:


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For more information on our suppliers, please click on the relevant link.

When you sign up for the pump design, installation and maintenance package with Samatrix you can rest assured that each pump is uniquely chosen to fit your individual pumping station needs.  

If you want to find out more about the services we provide, whilst using the above pump suppliers, then please choose from the list below. 

  • Service & Maintenance - Proper maintenance of your ancillary and pumping equipment can extend its lifespan and increase its efficiency.  We can offer a planned maintenance and monitoring scheme aimed for you to get the most out of your pumpage system.
  • Sewage Treatment - We can provide sewage treatment solutions which will dispose of waste, concentrating on producing an environmentally safe system. 
  • Hydraulic Service & Energy Monitoring - Pump systems lose efficiency as time goes on and we can identify wastage and recommend products which could dramatically reduce unnecessary energy loss.  
  •  Design & Installation - Samatrix offers a full design and installation package for pumping applications for wastewater systems.  So if you're looking for Sewage Treatment Plant installation, Wastewater Pump installation or Water Booster pumps - we can walk you through the whole design and installation process. 
  • Booster Packs - If you suffer from low-water pressure Samatrix can help you.  From domestic to commercial properties we will be able to help you implement a Booster Pump system which will improve your water pressure. 


If you'd like any more information about the services we'd provide, or would like to discuss the pumping solution which we could put in place for your company or home then please contact us now. 

Samatrix are based in South Wales and South West England and supply and install Wastewater Pumping stations, Sewage Treatment Plants and Booster Pumps.