Water for Africa

We are pleased to announce that we will be working alongside Water for Africa to support them on their water projects in Africa.    Water for Africa logo.png

Water for Africa was founded in 2003 by professional philanthropic business people in the UK. Using their own money, business experience and resources, they aimed to create a fiscal model which placed the resources and responsibility back within Africa, whilst being supported by the management team in the UK.

Their model has been developed to ensure sustainability and provide a ‘new’ approach to address the high failure rate of broken hand-pumps and water sources across Africa.  With between 40%- 60% of water sources failing, across Africa, a new approach was desperately needed! Water for Africa’s permanent support based within Africa, training the local community to service and support the water source and ring-fencing community contributions  goes a significant way to ensuring that the projects lasts its full life-time.


The western world is such a throwaway society and without a second thought so many pumps are unfortunately thrown away. We will be contributing to the projects by collecting these obsolete, unwanted and faulty pumps from within the industry. The aim is to start up a workshop in Africa where the locals can install, sell or repair these pumps where possible.  Furthermore our 40+ years within the industry is invaluable in terms of key contacts for pumps, purchasing power and technical expertise.


Says Sam Munn (Managing Director) :

“We at Samatrix are very excited to be working alongside Water for Africa. What they have achieved to date is truly inspiring and we look forward to contributing to such a worthy cause.”


 For more information on Water for Africa or to make a donation please visit their website: