Sewage Treatment Stations

Does your Domestic or Commercial Property need a Sewage Pumping Station Installed or Maintained?

When properties are unable to connect to mains drainage, a small sewage treatment system is needed. With so many legislations it is important that your station treats the effluent to a standard set by the Environment Agency for BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), SS (Suspended Solids), and Ammonia (NH4).  

Samatrix Ltd., based in South West Wales and the South of England have the experience to organise and perform your Sewage Treatment Plant installation, service your Sewage Treatment Plant, and maintain your Sewage Treatment Plant all in line with the most current legislation and standards.  So whether you need your Sewage Treatment Plant replaced, updated or simply maintained, Samatrix Ltd. can help. 

 All of Samatrix's Sewage Treatment Plants are designed and installed with the most reliable  parts and suppliers, all to ensure that your Sewage Treatment Plant will work the best it can. Diamond 3D Redered.jpg

 Samatrix can recommend, install and maintain a Sewage Treatment Plant that:

  • Meets your capacity needs 
  • Requires minimal maintenance & low running costs - making sure that your Sewage Treatment Plant is efficient and self-reliant
  • Is kind to the environment - keeping in line with all Environmental Standards to ensure that your Sewage Treatment Plant is as environmentally friendly as possible
  • Has a minimal visual impact - Samatrix can design and install a Sewage Pumping Station and Sewage Treatment Plant which will cause the most minimal visual impact to your property
  • No Smells 
  • Long Emptying Cycle


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Samatrix ltd. have been designing, installing and maintaining domestic and commercial Sewage Treatment Plants for South Wales and South West England for a number of years.  Contact us for more information about how Samatrix Ltd. can help you find a solution to your Sewage Treatment Plant Problems.  We cover Sewage Plant Installation, Sewage Treatment Plant servicing and Sewage Treatment Plant maintenance for the whole of Wales and the South of England. 


Call now on 0845 5210 214 to see which Sewage Treatment Plant is best suited to your needs.