Service and Maintenance

Does your home or business use a Wastewater Pumping Station, Sewage Treatment Plant, Booster Pump or Process Pump?

If it does, you’ll understand the problems caused when they fail or break down.  The work required to get your system working again is time consuming and costly – not forgetting their environmental impact and the fact that your water supply may get cut off!

 Due to the great time-cost and expenses incurred following a breakdown of your system, Samatrix offer a planned maintenance scheme aimed at prolonging the life of your pumps and includes routine inspections to reduce the risk of failures.  During each visit our highly experienced engineers will highlight any improvements which could increase your systems effectiveness, pin-point problem areas to reduce costs. 

If you’re looking for a more in-depth service and maintenance plan why not sign up for our 24 hour telemetry service which notifies us immediately of any failures in your systems via SMS.  This service is ideal for stations in a remote location where a fault may not be noticed immediately.

 We also offer a 24/7, 365 emergency service and generally attend to call outs within 2 hours – you can rely on Samatrix to always be on hand to help.

 Our Service and Maintenance Support Contracts will help safeguard your home or business from the inconvenience and expense of a break down.  

Whatever level of support service your home or business requires Samatrix are able to help.   We can provide a bespoke Service and Maintenance regime for your Pumping Systems, Sewage Works, Wastewater Systems and Booster Pumps

Call today on 0845 5210 214 to discuss a Service and Maintenance contract with a member of our dedicated team. 

Samatrix can also provide a bespoke service and maintenance service to your Pumping Systems, Sewage Works, Wastewater Systems and Booster Pumps.  Based in South Wales, and South West England we have the Pump System or Wastewater Solution for you.