Pump Performance Testing

Does my Pump System need testing?

Pump tests can be conducted at any point when pump performance is in question.  They are typically conducted in an existing building to identify optimization opportunities but can also be performed in a new building to confirm that the pump system is performing in accordance with design intent.

Pumping Inefficiency and energy loss can be caused by a number of issues:

  • Insufficient Pump Control
  • Incorrect Pump Specification
  • Inaccuracies in System Design 

Performance testing can help reduce energy costs by identifying poor efficiency and decrease maintenance costs by diagnosing chronic pump problems.  For example:

  • How often do pumps operate away from their design point?
  • How much power is being wasted?
  • How do these conditions impact pump reliability and repair costs?

Pumps are designed to operate near a specific flow rate—the BEP (Best Efficiency Point). Flow values significantly below or above BEP often result in poor reliability, cavitations, impeller and case damage, high maintenance costs, and wasted energy.  Water, specifically, does extensive damage to pump components when the pump operates at off-design flow rates. 

No matter what your systems are pumping, performance testing can identify the hydraulic issues that are causing repeat failures.

If you're interested in having your pump system tested by Samatrix Ltd. we would be very happy to help.  We are specialists in Sewage Pump Station Servicing, Wastewater Station Servicing and energy effeciency monitoring.  We will have a solution to your pumping issues. 

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