Latest Samatrix Update

09 Jan 2018 100% Audit

SAMATRIX Scores Full Marks in Achilles UVDB Verify Audit Samatrix scored 100% in all four categories: Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment.
Samatrix Ltd is celebrating following their recent Achilles Audit by scoring 100% in all four categories representing their commitment to continuous improvement in health & safety, environmental, quality and corporate social responsibility in the workplace. The Achilles UVDB Verify Audit provides prequalification assurance for buyers within the utilities sector and government bodies, giving them access to a suitably pre-qualified supply chain that they can invite to tender. It also allows businesses to monitor their progress and to benchmark themselves to their competitors. Samatrix’s top marks will be visible to the Achilles UVDB supplier management community. For both the management system evaluation and onsite assessment, Samatrix had to provide evidence to demonstrate compliance to the standards required. On the site visit, the auditor noted observations and interviewed the engineers to ascertain their awareness and understanding of the management system controls and requirements.
“These results are truly fantastic and a testament to the hard work of the whole team, and to the high standards we all work to. Our verification enables us to demonstrate our excellence to both our existing and potential utilities clients. We are sure this will provide further confidence in our already reputable business.” Samuel Munn [Managing Director].