Newport is seen as strategic location for many businesses, including the Samatrix Group. Samatrix have opened a branch in Newport specializing in pump repairs and testing. We’ve created the branch to be a “one stop shop” for all servicing, strip & inspects, repairs, testing and commissioning of pumps and motors.

Samatrix Newport also has an inhouse testing facility, using the sophisticated PumpTrend test equipment and software.

Samatrix undertake on site pump and system analysis testing for pump users throughout the UK. The tests reveal as installed and current pump performance in terms of flow, pressure and power.

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We are able to accurately establish hydraulic system conditions from which the suitability of the installed plant can be determined. In addition, we are also able to ascertain pump efficiency “Wire to Water” data, by of measuring current and voltage.

Our PumpTrend test equipment and software operates in real-time allowing instantaneous review of test data. Graphical trends of the key measurements are uploaded into our reports as verification of results.

Having possession of factual data will assist a designer or pump buyer/operator to select the correct product for their application, our philosophy is “System before Pump”. Pump manufacturers have developed hydraulic components and motors to achieve greater efficiencies, however the benefits of this will only be realized when the pump operated at its bets efficiency point (BEP).

An erroneous calculation or modification to the system conditions will impact on the duty point and the pump selected will operate to the left or right of the BEP. There are many LCCA’s (life cycle cost analysis) models available which prove this.

Carrying out on site testing will provide the end user with informative, useful data on which to act.

There are a number of key uses for the acquisition of pump and system performance data, these include:

 Pump and Pumping station upgrades and refurbishments

 Pump performance analysis, including power data and efficiencies

 System information, including static head and transient pressures

 Confirmation of pump performance and as commissioned data

 Condition reports and fault finding

 Rising main proof testing

For more information please call Samatrix Newport on 01633 287967 or contact