Launching 2016

Samatrix has a patented screen known as Greenscreen which cleans itself during a spill event without the requirement of electrical power or a hydraulic power pack.

The Greenscreen harnesses natures own forces of buoyancy and gravity to operate the screen and thus it can be scaled to operate in any flow. The inrush of screened water enters the chamber via the screen, filling the float chamber and subsequently raising the weighted float. This action operates a linkage that imparts the upthrust energy into a spring and piston mechanism. When the float reaches the upper extent it triggers the release of the spring mechanism firing the piston towards the screen. This flushes the water back through the screen blasting off the attached debris.

Although the inflow through the screen is halted momentarily during the backflushing the average flow out to the river is uninterrupted. This backflushing has the major advantage that the solids are NOT macerated which is generally a condition of a Consent to Discharge.


The Benefits

  • Clears itself continually during a spill event.
  • No maceration of the solids.
  • Requires no electrical input.
  • Simple to install as a one-piece unit.
  • No running costs.
  • Maintenance free operation.
  • Grade 316 Stainless steel construction.
  • Low Carbon footprint compared to an electrically powered screen.
  • Operates as a basic static screen in the event of catastrophic failure.



  • Sewage Pumping Stations Emergency overflows
  • CSO applications
  • Remote pumping stations
  • Raw water intakes





The patents held by Samatrix are being worked on at present with every effort to make improvements in the water industry. 

Check back soon when more details will be made available!