Booster Pumps

Does your home suffer from Low Water-Pressure?

There's nothing more frustrating than low water pressure and there are several factors that can reduce it and help improve your water pressure.  Samatrix can help you find a product which satisfies your water pressure requirements.  Working in South Wales and South West England, Samatrix are experienced professionals when it comes to improving the water pressure of your home, flat or commercial building. 

What causes Low Water Pressure?

Many homes suffer from low water pressure and each case is different.  Rest assured however, Samatrix have improved the water pressure of countless homes across South West England and South Wales. 

The most common causes of low water pressure are;

  • Low mains pressure

  • Living in taller buildings, as they require more pressure to fill header tanks

  • Using systems during peak times can cause water pressure to decrease i.e. in the morning

  • Insufficient pumping facilities whereby the installed pumps are too small

  • Living in hilly areas also tends to cause lower pressure depending on your situation and it's proximity to the pumping station.
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We at Samatrix can help find a product that satisfies your water pressure requirements. Booster sets range to supply homes, blocks of flats, small holdings and even farms.  We would be happy to investigate your low water pressure system and install, maintain and service an appropriate Booster Pump System in order to improve your domestic or commercial water pressure. 

Whether you're interested in Booster Pump Installation, Booster Pump Maintenance or improving the water pressure of your home or business call now on 0845 5210 214 to see how we can help improve your water pressure.