Caldicot Depot

30 Apr 2013 Sewage Treatment Branch

The business is continuing to grow with more news coming shortly, but one new move by the company is the incororation of service, design and installation work sewage treatment works.With a growing number of staff we are able to diversify into other sectors and are in the process of building our portfolio in the small sewage treament work.  Working together with WPL, we are able to offer a variety of designs depending on the number of people the works would be required to service.


With the increase in new builds and increasing housing, some situations require alternate drainage that the standard main drains.  This is where this technology comes into its own.  the effluent from the connected houses is treated to a level set by the Environment Agency, then discharges safely to a nearby watercourse.  These stations reduce the need for civil work and additional cost to connect housing to the the main drainage system.  Additionally, a reduced load on the stretched sewage systems is seen as a welcomed relief for the larger treatment works.


So if you are looking for an alternateive to connecting your buildings to the mains drainage - or are unable to connect - then this may be the best choice for you.