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09 Apr 2015 How to Prevent Blockages

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How To Prevent Blockages

Samatrix Ltd. South Wales and South West England based pump and wastewater specialist want to give you some advice about how to prevent bloackages in your home. 

 - Rags, cotton buds, sanitary products, nappies, plastic or similar materials should be put in a waste bin

Medical items like needles and syringes should be placed in special Sharps bins

Kitchen food should be put on a compost heap or a recycling bin 

Grease and cooking fats should be allowed to solidify before disposing of them in a bin - rather than tipping them down a sink 

Any OIl should be taken to a recycling centre for safe disposal

The worst offenders when it comes to sewer and drainage blockages which are routinely flushed down the toilet and cause clogs in sewers, pumping stations and treatment works are

1. Sanitary towels, panty liners and backing strips

2. Tampons and Tampon applicators

3. Condom and Femidons

4. Disposable nappies

5. Facial Cleansing, baby, and cleaning wipes

6. Bandages and Plasters

7. Razor Blades

8. Cotton Buds

9. Syringes and Needles

10. Incontinence Pads

11. Plastic Bags and Wrappers

12. Disposable Toilet Brushes 


Remember: Bag It and Bin It - Don't Flush it! 

N.B. Please remember that if you have a Sewage Treatments Plant the above products contain antibacterial and antiseptic properties.  Theses unfortunately kill the bacterial growth needed for your sewage treatment plant to perform at its best.