Caldicot Depot

04 Sep 2012 Hydraulic Survey & Energy Monitoring

Hydraulic Survey & Energy Monitoring will identify wastage and recommend products which could dramatically reduce unnecessary energy loss. Ensuring that your business is using the most energy efficient products currently available in your production operations could possibly assist in  securing the relevant funding to support implementation.

Due to an ever increasing awareness of climate change, manufacturers across Europe are coming under increasing pressure to meet green targets and reduce energy consumption.  Therefore ethical behaviour and corporate social responsibility need to be at the heart of organizations activities.

Mechanical power transmission products (MPT) such as motors, bearings and belts as well as fluid power products, such as hydraulics and pneumatics, used throughout manufacturing plants across Europe are being overlooked despite representing a considerable possible saving in both financial and environmental terms.  Therefore educating organizations on the substantial energy savings that hydraulic survey and energy monitoring is of the utmost importance.

By monitoring process variables at key locations within a treatment process hydraulic survey and energy monitoring can:

  • Identify problems within process control systems
  • Verify the accuracy of site flow meters
  • Balance treatment processes
  • Diagnose and locate problems in pumped and gravity fed systems
  • Capture specific events e.g. storm conditions
  • Determine head losses within gravity fed systems
  • Monitor the effects of individual pumping stations to the performance of a treatment works
  • Locate blockages in rising mains