1. 09.Jan.2018

    100% Audit

  2. 08.Jun.2017

    Our New Vans

  3. 05.Jun.2017

    Another Happy Customer!

  4. 10.Apr.2017

    Samatrix Engineers receive National Water Hygiene card

  5. 07.Apr.2017

    Testimonial- Mrs Bruce

  6. 13.Feb.2017

    Fabrication Case study: Sony Pencoed

  7. 02.Feb.2017

    Grundfos Training Day

  8. 19.Jan.2017

    Samatrix awarded BS EN1090 Certification

  9. 13.May.2016

    Greenscreen at Pump Centre 2016

  10. 26.Apr.2016

    Pump Centre Exhibition 2016

  11. 21.Apr.2016

    More Ceritfications!

  12. 05.Nov.2015

    Solar Powered Flow Monitoring

  13. 02.Oct.2015

    A Day in the Life of a Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant

  14. 12.Aug.2015

    Sewage Self Help Troubleshooting tips for your sewage system

  15. 31.Jul.2015

    Under pressure? Booster pump installation can help

  16. 22.Jul.2015

    Pembrokeshire County Show: Visit us!

  17. 09.Jul.2015

    CSO Screen Innovation

  18. 08.Jul.2015

    Why is my Sewage Pumping Station Failing

  19. 03.Jun.2015

    How To Prevent Blockages: Bag it and Bin it!

  20. 03.Jun.2015

    Wastewater Pump Installation: which pump should we choose?

  21. 18.May.2015

    Sewage Pumping Station Transfer: an Update!

  22. 09.Apr.2015

    How to Prevent Blockages

  23. 18.Mar.2015

    World Water Day 2015

  24. 04.Sep.2014

    Domestic Electrics

  25. 07.Jul.2014

    Work Experience

  26. 13.May.2014

    Water for Africa

  27. 22.Mar.2014

    World Water Day

  28. 03.Mar.2014

    AEMT Accredited

  29. 30.Dec.2013

    Movember Total

  30. 16.Dec.2013

    Prince Charles Visit

  31. 19.Nov.2013

    Movember Update

  32. 06.Nov.2013


  33. 04.Sep.2013

    New Staff!

  34. 21.Jun.2013

    Samatrix MD Wins Prestigious Leadership Award

  35. 30.May.2013

    New Offices!

  36. 30.Apr.2013

    Sewage Treatment Branch

  37. 04.Sep.2012

    Hydraulic Survey & Energy Monitoring

  38. 04.Sep.2012

    Pump Servicing